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The Spaztacular Thread Of Location/Character Doom

So, I kinda had this idea of keeping a record of the various locations in the and_other_sins universe. And because we've all got the right to develop our characters the way we please I thought it would also be a stupid good idea to make a list of all these quirks so people are forewarned. (If it's a shit idea you can tell me so, inner!Ryan will cry but I will be fine.)
Post a comment if I've missed anything, or gotten something wrong about a character and I'll change it/add it in. M'kay?

Places Of Work

The TTT SHP tattoo parlour: This is where Mikey Way and Pete Wentz work, (along with Pete's dog, Hemingway). Has one of those big leather chairs for the victim customer to sit in. Is often referred to as the 'Tit Shop' by the drunk and easily amused.

The Second-Hand Bookshop: Ryan Ross owns this store, it's full of dark corners and twisty bits. Shelves aren't organised by author and Ryan has a habit of changing all the shelves around every now and then. There's a little wooden door (locked) somewhere in the back of the shop that leads to Ryan's flat -only he has a key, which he keeps tucked under his shirt.

A&J Record Store: Typical record shop, usually full of destructive kids. It is also where Frank Iero works, and a great place to pick up rare albums as well as mainstream stuff.

The Video Store: Primary work place of Brendon Urie, who can usually be found watching old Disney Films and crying about Bambi's mother. You can rent/buy and sell unwanted films at the store, but only if you ask nicely.

The Theme Park: Has all the essentials of a good theme park; rollercoasters with silly names, water rides, overly long queues, over priced food. It looks like a railway and some bright colours got together and had many malformed children. Even includes a House of Horrors where Brendon Urie holds down a second job; usually dressed as a vampire.

Non Work/Home Related Places

Starbucks: Because the life of no self respecting emo boy is complete without coffee. The Starbucks is also where most people meet up before going off somewhere, i.e. shopping.

The Cinema: Shows anything and everything from the new releases to old 50/60s flicks. Is also a great place to make out, seeing as there's very little lighting and not many staff.

The Park: Large open space (obviously) for the walking of dogs and hyperactive boys. Includes a playground, complete with swing set and other necessities, there is also a pretty duck pond for skinny-dipping. WHUT?!


Ryan's Flat: Set above his shop, Ryan's flat is small and cramped, usually full of half repaired books and the materials used in their restoration. Even as small as his flat is Ryan still wouldn't give it up for the world. Ryan's sofa is renowned for people sinking so far into the comfy cushions it's often hard for them to get up again.

Gerard's Apartment: It's a mess. You name it and it's probably thrown across the furniture/floor, the flat stinks and is prone to random roach infestations; much to Gerard's dismay.

William's Studio Apartment: It's very small and cramped, with very few furnishings. He doesn't like it for that reason. Although it's not horribly messy like Gerard's, there's a lot of clutter because he doesn't really have anywhere to put things; so there's always papers, books and clothes scattered everywhere.

Mikey's Artsy Studio Apartment: It's really spacious, a huge former studio (the previous owner committed suicide) with a massive skylight. The apartment is open plan with only the bathroom being separate. The worshiped skylight is directly over Mikey's bed (and the rest of the 'bedroom' area, yes it's THAT big).

Frank's Apartment: Is fairly large compared to everyone elses', as it's a two bedroom instead of a single. The front door opens into his living room, with a hallway and the other rooms branching off to the left. Ashtrays seem to randomly appear out of nowhere.


Ryan Ross: Very bookish (obviously), madly in love with Brendon Urie. They've been in an on/off relationship for a few years and Brendon has recently propposed, and the two of them will be moving into Ryan's flat together. Ryan is fairly flighty and scared of confrontation; he doesn't like hurting people, but he's not afraid to say the things he needs too. He also sucks his thumb when bored/scared by something.

Brendon Urie: Has narcolepsy (where he randomly falls asleep for no reason what-so-ever, he has no real control over it, this has also lead to an emense fear of falling alseep without permission from someone). Has one job working in the video store, but has a deep mistrust of any customers. His second job is at the theme park’s House of Horrors. Is ridiculously hyperactive and ADD but is still sweet and loving to everyone, especially Ryan. However is scarily jealous of Ryan talking to other men.

Mikey Way: Mikey is Bipolar (also known as manic depressive), so his bathroom cabinet is full of all the various medications he takes to try and control it. Mikey has an unhealthy obsession with Mika and is just perhaps a tad too fond of his skylight, when it's dark he likes to observe his reflection in it. most likely whilst walking around naked and singing Mika.

Pete Wentz: Is a short slightly gay dork. For real. He has rather lurid taste in colours... and has yet to be seen without a hoodie. He's an insomniac and calls people at really odd times of night when normal people are sleeping. Pete is amused by his own jokes and likes to know everything, i.e. he's a nosy bastard who doesn't know when not to butt in. He is attempting to write the Great Anti-American Dream novel, but always seems to get distracted. Hemingway, Pete's dog has far more sense than his owner and this is why Pete takes him to work all the time.

Gerard Way: Suffers from depression, he's a struggling writer/artist who lives in the world's worst apartment. Said hell hole is often infested with roaches, and Gerard, mortally afraid of them resorts to calling Ryan to come and 'save him'. Exists mostly on a diet of coffee and watching A Clockwork Orange on borrowed DVD players. Is currently going through a major fight with Frank; because when Frank told Gerard he loved him Gerard was unable to say it back.

William Beckett: Has no real job, works as a freelance writer/model so has no stable income. Often overworks himself into an exhausted sleep and has missed several deadlines because he's slept through them/not been able to finish in time. Doesn't like how small and cluttered his apartment is (but he can't afford anything bigger or tidier). William, although he appreciates them, shuns the use of shoes most of them time.

Frank Iero: Thrives off music and smoking too many cigarettes. For such a small guy (and a vegetarian) he makes a lot of noise and is always doing something to burn off all his extra energy. Is in love with Gerard but was hurt badly by Gerard's inibilty to say 'I love you' in return.

Patrick Stump(h): His most recent roommate lagged behind on the rent and ended up getting Patrick thrown out of him home. Spends a lot of time lurking in the record shop, either that or bumping into people in Starbucks.

YAY Oh I did it. I finished it. This post is longer than most of my fics, seriously. I'm sorry if I've missed anything, feel free to tell me; and I'm sorry but I don't know that much about Patrick, I would be grateful if this could be remedied.
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